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In Unix computing, CTWM (Claude's Tab Window Manager) is a stacking window manager for the X Window System in the twm family of window managers.
"Changed the Way You Kiss Me" is a song by British singer Example from his third studio album, Playing in the Shadows.
CTW may refer to:
The Connecticut Wing Civil Air Patrol is the highest echelon of the Civil Air Patrol in the state of Connecticut.
Access 31 (call sign ATW-31) was a free-to-air community television station based in Perth, Australia which operated between 1999 and 2008 before closing due to insolvency.
Charles Thomas Walker Traditional Magnet School (C.T. Walker) is a public examination school located in the Laney-Walker district of Augusta, Georgia, United States.
The Hartford Wolf Pack is a professional ice hockey team based in Hartford, Connecticut. A member of the American Hockey League (AHL), they play their home games at the XL Center.
Charles Terres Weymann (2 August 1889 – 1976) was a Haitian-born early aeroplane racing pilot and businessman.
Wang Zhengting (Chinese: 王正廷; pinyin: Wáng Zhèngtíng; Wade–Giles: Wang2 Cheng4-t'ing2, known in English as Chengting Thomas Wang or C. T.

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