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Cun may refer to:
Cuneiform script (/kjuːˈniːᵻfɔːrm/ kew-NEE-i-form or /ˈkjuːnᵻfɔːrm/ KEW-ni-form), one of the earliest systems of writing, was invented by the Sumerians.
Cunard Line is a British-American cruise line based at Carnival House at Southampton, England, operated by Carnival UK and owned by Carnival Corporation & plc.
Cung Le (Vietnamese: Lê Cung; born May 25, 1972) is a Vietnamese-American actor, retired mixed martial artist and Sanshou kickboxer.
Cuniculture is the agricultural practice of breeding and raising domestic rabbits, usually for their meat, fur, or wool.
CunninLynguists are an American hip hop trio from Lexington, Kentucky and Atlanta, Georgia. The group currently consists of Deacon the Villain, Kno, and Natti.
Cunninghamella elegans is a species of fungus in the genus Cunninghamella found in soil.
The City University of New York School of Law (or CUNY School of Law) is an American law school with its campus located in the Long Island City neighborhood of Queens in New York City.

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