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The meaning of «cuo»

CUO may refer to:
Cuonzo LaMar Martin (born September 23, 1971) is an American basketball coach and former player who is the current head coach of the Missouri Tigers men's basketball team.
Cuong Vu (born 19 September 1969) is a jazz trumpeter from Vietnam who was a member of the Pat Metheny Group.
The Cuomo family is an American political family. Mario Cuomo and his son Andrew Cuomo both have served as governor of New York.
Ngô Quốc Cường is a Vietnamese film director who earned a BFA-Honours in Performing Arts for Theatre & Film in his native country (2002) before pursuing his second degree in Film Production at York University in Toronto, BFA-Honours, with specializations in Directing, Screenwriting & Editing (2009).
CUOA Foundation (Centro Universitario di Organizzazione Aziendale – University Centre of Business Administration) is one of the first Business School born in Italy in the 50’s, in an important period for managerial training in Italy.

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