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The Camsing Global CVB Snooker Challenge was a professional non-ranking team snooker tournament that took place from 28 to 29 July 2017 at Nanshan Culture & Sports Centre in Shenzhen, China.
A carrier battle group (CVBG) consists of an aircraft carrier (designated CV) and its large number of escorts, together defining the group.
Camper Van Beethoven is an American rock band formed in Redlands, California in 1983 and later located in Santa Cruz and San Francisco.
A destination marketing organization (DMO) or convention and visitors bureau (CVB) is an organization that promotes a town, city, region, or country in order to increase the number of visitors.
CVB may refer to:
Composite video (one channel) is an analog video transmission (without audio) that carries standard definition video typically at 480i or 576i resolution.

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