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CVI may refer to:
Cvijan Šarić (Serbian Cyrillic: Цвијан Шарић; fl. 1652–1668) was a Dalmatian Serb harambaša (senior hajduk commander) in the service of the Republic of Venice, part of the Morlach army that fought in the Cretan War (1645–69) alongside other notable fighters such as Janko Mitrović and Ilija Smiljanić.
CVIPtools (Computer Vision and Image Processing Tools) is an Open Source image processing software. It is free for use with Windows, and previous versions are available for UNIX.
„Cvijeta Zuzorić“ Art Pavilion is an exhibition building in Belgrade, in Kalemegdan, situated in the park of Mali Kalemegdan, next to the south-eastern front of the Belgrade fortress.
Cvijetin Mijatović (Serbian Cyrillic: Цвијетин Мијатовић; widely known by his nickname Majo; 8 January 1913 – 15 November 1993) was a Yugoslav communist politician who once served as Chairman of the Collective Presidency of Yugoslavia.
Cvišlerji (pronounced [ˈtsʋiːʃlɛɾji]; in older sources also Cvišljarji, German: Zwischlern, Gottscheerish: Zwishlarə) is a settlement east of Kočevje in southern Slovenia.
cVidya Networks is a provider of big data analytics products for communications and digital service providers.
Flora Zuzzeri (pronounced [tsʋijěta zûzoritɕ]; also Fiora Zuzori or Flora Zuzzeri) (Ragusa, 1552 – Ancona, 1648) was a lyric poet from the Republic of Ragusa.
Cvijetin Blagojević (Serbian Cyrillic: Цвиjeтин Блaгojeвић, born April 10, 1955) is a Bosnian Serb football manager and former player.

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