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C.V. Kunjiraman Memorial Higher Secondary School is a school in Kizhakkekallada, Kollam district, Kerala, India.
Chiang Rai Witthayakhom School (RTGS), locally spelled as Chiengrai Vidhayakhome School (Thai: โรงเรียนเชียงรายวิทยาคม), is a school in Chiang Rai city.
CVK may refer to:
C. V. Kumar (born as C. Vijayakumar) is an Indian Tamil film producer and distributor who heads the production studio Thirukumaran Entertainment.
C. Velupillai Kandaiah Sivagnanam (Tamil: சி. வேலுப்பிள்ளை கந்தையா சிவஞானம்) is a Sri Lankan Tamil civil servant, politician and provincial councillor.
C.V. Kunhuraman (1871 – 1949) was a man of letters, social reformer, founder of Kerala Kaumudi, journalist and leader.
Diwan Bahadur Sir Calamur Viravalli Kumaraswami Sastri (29 July 1870 – 1934) was an Indian lawyer and Sanskrit scholar who served as a judge of the Madras High Court.
CV is a 1985 science fiction novel by American writer Damon Knight. It is the first novel in the "Sea Venture Trilogy", and was followed by The Observers (1988) and A Reasonable World (1991).
CVS Pharmacy (stylized as CVSpharmacy and previously CVS/pharmacy) is a subsidiary of the American retail and health care company CVS Health, headquartered in Woonsocket, Rhode Island.

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