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CVM may refer to:
CVM Secondary School is a private school in Bhaktapur District, Nepal. CVM stands for "Charkhandi Vidhya Mandir".
Valencian Media Corporation (in Catalan, Corporació Valenciana de Mitjans de Comunicació, and in Spanish, Corporación Valenciana de Medios de Comunicación), also known by its acronyms CVMC or VMC, is an agency of the Generalitat Valenciana, although with management autonomy and functional independence, in charge of producing and disseminating audiovisual products.
Club Volei Municipal Tomis Constanţa, also known as C.V.M. Tomis Constanţa, C.V.M. Tomis or Tomis Constanţa, is a Romanian volleyball club based in Constanţa.
CVMS may refer to:
Victor Mine Aerodrome (TC LID: CVM2) is a registered aerodrome located 0.5 nautical miles (0.93 km; 0.58 mi) north of the Victor Diamond Mine in northeastern part of the Kenora District which, in turn, is located in northwestern Ontario, Canada.
Club Voleibol Murillo is a professional Volleyball team based in Logroño, La Rioja, Spain. It plays in Superliga Femenina.
C. V. Mathew is the Presiding Bishop of the St. Thomas Evangelical Church of India.

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