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In medicine, hemofiltration, also haemofiltration, is a renal replacement therapy which is used in the intensive care setting.
The Heinkel HE 5, produced in Sweden as the Svenska S 5 and nicknamed the "Hansa", was a reconnaissance floatplane built during the 1920s.
The CVV-6 Canguro (English: Kangaroo) was a high performance two seat glider, designed at Milan Polytechnic University in 1940. A small batch was ordered for the Italian Air Force but few were delivered; more were produced after World War II, becoming the most common Italian gliding club machine.
The CVV1 Pinguino (English: Penguin) was a single seat, high performance glider designed and built in Italy in the mid-1930s, the first of a series of gliders from the Milan Polytechnic.
The CVV 2 Asiago is a simple, single seat glider designed and built in Italy in the mid-1930s, the second of a series of gliders from the Milan Polytechnic and the first go into production.
In molecular biology, the CVNH domain (CyanoVirin-N Homology domain) is a conserved protein domain. It is found in the sugar-binding antiviral protein cyanovirin-N (CVN) as well as proteins from filamentous ascomycetes and in the fern Ceratopteris richardii.Cyanovirin-N (CV-N) is an 11-kDa protein from the cyanobacterium Nostoc ellipsosporum that displays virucidal activity against several viruses, including human immunodeficiency virus (AIDS).

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