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The WZ-X was the Polish reconnaissance aircraft designed in the mid-1920s and manufactured in the Centralne Warsztaty Lotnicze (CWL) - Central Aviation Workshops in Warsaw.
Władysław IV Vasa (Polish: Władysław IV Waza; Russian: Владислав IV Ваза, tr. Vladislav IV Vaza; Latin: Vladislaus IV Vasa or Ladislaus IV Vasa; Lithuanian: Vladislovas Vaza; 9 June 1595 – 20 May 1648) was a Polish prince from the Royal House of Vasa.
Cardiff Airport (Welsh: Maes Awyr Caerdydd) (IATA: CWL, ICAO: EGFF) is the busiest airport in Wales and has been under the ownership of the Welsh Government since March 2013, operating at an arm's length as a commercial business.
CWL may stand for:
The Chicago Women’s Liberation Union, also known as CWLU, was a feminist organization founded in 1969 at a conference in Palatine, Illinois.
CWLP may refer to:
The Child Welfare League of America (CWLA) is the oldest child welfare organization in the United States.
Cecil Wilfrid Luscombe "Bill" Bevan, CBE (2 April 1920 – 19 April 1989) was a Welsh chemist, academic, and academic administrator.
The Hannover CL.II was an escort fighter, produced in Germany during World War I, designed in response to a 1917 requirement by the Idflieg for such a machine to protect reconnaissance aircraft over enemy territory.

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