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Cwm may refer to:
Cwmbran (; Welsh: Cwmbrân [kʊmˈbrɑːn], also in use as an alternative spelling in English) is a new town in Wales.
Cwm Rhondda, taken from the Welsh name for the Rhondda Valley, is a popular hymn tune written by John Hughes.
Cwm Prysor Halt (named simply Cwm Prysor until 1953) was a railway station which served the remote rural area of Cwm Prysor, east of Trawsfynydd, Gwynedd, Wales.
Cwmavon (Welsh spelling: Cwmafon; translation: "river valley") is a hamlet about 2 miles south of Blaenavon and 4 miles north of Pontypool.
CWM FX was a foreign exchange trading firm located at the Heron Tower at 110 Bishopsgate, otherwise known as Salesforce Tower.
cwm (Calm Window Manager) is a stacking window manager for the X Window System. While it is primarily developed as a part of OpenBSD's base system, portable versions are available on other Unix-like operating systems.
Cwmbrân Town is a football team based in Cwmbrân, Wales and play in the Gwent County League Division 1, the fifth tier of Welsh Football.
Cwmaman (Welsh pronunciation: [kʊmˈaman]) is a former coal mining village near Aberdare, Wales. The name Cwmaman is Welsh for "Aman Valley", with the River Aman flowing through the village).

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