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cwRsync is an implementation of Rsync for Windows. Rsync uses a file transfer technology specified by the Rsync algorithm, transferring only changed chunks of files over the network.
Cwrt Sart Community Comprehensive was a school located in Briton Ferry, Neath, Wales. It was one of the secondary schools in Neath Port Talbot, taking pupils aged 11 to 16. It opened as a council school in 1920.
Case Western Reserve University (also known as Case Western Reserve, Case Western, Case, and CWRU) is a private doctorate-granting university in Cleveland, Ohio.
Cwrt y Gollen ("Hazel Court") was a British Army training base 2 miles (3 km) south-east of Crickhowell, just north of the A40 road and the River Usk.
Case Western Reserve School of Medicine (CWRU SOM, CaseMed) is one of the graduate schools of Case Western Reserve University, and is located in the University Circle neighborhood of Cleveland, Ohio.
The Canadian weather radar network consists of 31 weather radars spanning Canada's most populated regions.
The Case Western Reserve University Department of Biomedical Engineering launched in 1968 as one of the first Biomedical Engineering programs in the world.
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