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Cyient (formerly Infotech Enterprises) is an Indian company focused on engineering, networks and operations.
Cyia Batten (born January 26, 1972) is an American dancer, model and film/television actress as well as former Pussycat Dolls dance troupe.
Cyiza is a genus of snout moths. It was described by Walker in 1864, and contains the species C. punctalis.
Cyinda (Greek: Κὐινδα [plural]) was an ancient Cilician city, situated in Anatolia in modern Turkey.
Chiayi Airport (traditional Chinese: 嘉義航空站; simplified Chinese: 嘉义航空站; pinyin: Jiāyì Hángkōngzhàn) (IATA: CYI, ICAO: RCKU), commonly known as Shueishang Airport (traditional Chinese: 水上機場; simplified Chinese: 水上机场; pinyin: Shuǐshàng Jīchǎng), is an airport in Chiayi County, Taiwan.
Cyilima II Rujugira was Mwami (King) of Kingdom of Rwanda from 1675 to 1708. Cyilima II Rujugira is famous for coining the phrase "Urwanda ruratera ntiruterwa" (No nation invades Rwanda, instead Rwanda defends and attacks nations)
Pond Inlet Airport (IATA: YIO, ICAO: CYIO) is located at Pond Inlet, Nunavut, Canada, and is operated by the government of Nunavut.
Saint-Augustin Airport, (IATA: YIF, ICAO: CYIF), is located on the shore of the Rivière Saint-Augustin near Saint-Augustin and Pakuashipi, Quebec, Canada.
Island Lake Airport or Island Lake - Garden Hill Airport, (IATA: YIV, ICAO: CYIV), is located 5 nautical miles (9.3 km; 5.8 mi) west northwest of Island Lake, Manitoba, Canada.
Ivujivik Airport, (IATA: YIK, ICAO: CYIK), is located on the shore of Hudson Bay in Ivujivik, Quebec, Canada.

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