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Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper (born June 22, 1953) is an American singer, songwriter, actress and LGBTQ activist.
Cynthia Ann McKinney (born March 17, 1955) is an American politician and activist based in Georgia. As a member of the Democratic Party, she served six terms in the United States House of Representatives.
Cynicism (Greek: κυνισμός) is a school of thought of ancient Greek philosophy as practiced by the Cynics (Greek: Κυνικοί, Latin: Cynici).
Cynthia Lennon (née Powell; 10 September 1939 – 1 April 2015) was the first wife of English musician John Lennon, and mother of Julian Lennon.
The Cynefin framework ( kun-EV-in) is a conceptual framework used to help managers, policy-makers and others reach decisions.
Cynic is an American progressive metal band — incorporating experimental music, alternative, metal and jazz fusion elements — founded in Miami, Florida, and currently based in Los Angeles, California.
American singer Cyndi Lauper has released eleven studio albums, six compilation albums, three video albums and forty-six singles.

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