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Cyw (Welsh for "Chick", Welsh pronunciation: [kɨʊ]) is the name of a Welsh language Children's television block from S4C (Channel 4 Wales), which launched on 23 June 2008.
Cyworld (Hangul: 싸이월드) is a South Korean social network service operated by SK Communications (Hangul: SK커뮤니케이션즈), a subsidiary of SK Telecom (Hangul: SK텔레콤).
The Cyworld Digital Music Awards are a record chart that is calculated by combining the digital sales and background music selections for users of the Cyworld South Korean social network.
Cyware Labs is a cyber security company providing cyber situational awareness, threat intelligence sharing and real-time incident reporting based solutions for organizations.
Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport (commonly known as Winnipeg International Airport or simply Winnipeg Airport) (IATA: YWG, ICAO: CYWG) is an international airport located in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.
Child and Youth Care (CYC) is a profession or craft which focuses on the developmental needs of children and families within the space and time of their daily lives.
The cywydd (IPA: [ˈkəwɨ̞ð]; plural cywyddau) is one of the most important metrical forms in Welsh traditional poetry (cerdd dafod).
Tomasz Wojciech Cywka (Polish pronunciation: [ˈtɔmaʂ ˈtsɨfka]; born 27 June 1988) is a Polish professional footballer who plays for Wisła Kraków.
Cywarch is a location at the head of Cwm Cywarch in the Snowdonia National Park, in Gwynedd, Wales. Several streams flow through the area, uniting to form Afon Cywarch, a tributary of the River Dovey.

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