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Daqin (Chinese: 大秦; pinyin: Dàqín; Wade–Giles: Ta4-ch'in2; alternative transliterations include Tachin, Tai-Ch'in) is the ancient Chinese name for the Roman Empire or, depending on context, the Near East, especially Syria.
Daqing (Chinese: 大庆; pinyin: Dàqìng; formerly romanized as Taching) is a prefecture-level city in the west of Heilongjiang province, People's Republic of China.
DAQRI is an American augmented reality company headquartered in Los Angeles, CA.
The Taipei Metro Daqiaotou Station (Chinese: 大橋頭站; pinyin: Dàqiáotóu Zhàn; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Toā-kiô-thâu Chām) is a station on the Xinzhuang Line located in Datong District, Taipei, Taiwan.
The Daqin Pagoda (大秦塔) is a Buddhist pagoda in Zhouzhi County of Xi'an (formerly Chang'an), Shaanxi Province, China, located about two kilometres to the west of Louguantai temple.
The Daqing Oil Field (simplified Chinese: 大庆油田; traditional Chinese: 大慶油田; pinyin: Dàqìng Yóutián), formerly romanized as "Taching", is the largest oil field in the People's Republic of China, located between the Songhua river and Nen River in Heilongjiang province.
Daqo New Energy Corp. is a polysilicon manufacturer based in China. It recently has expanded to the downstream photovoltaic manufacturing businesses to establish facilities for wafer and module manufacturing.
Daquq (Arabic: داقوق‎‎, Turkish: Dakuk or Tavuk) is a town in Iraq south of Kirkuk. It is the capital of Daquq District, one of the four Districts of Kirkuk Governorate.
Daqing No.1 Middle School (simplified Chinese: 大庆第一中学; traditional Chinese: 大慶第一中學; pinyin: Dàqìng Dìyī Zhōngxué) is a middle school in Ranghulu District, Daqing, Heilongjiang, People's Republic of China.

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