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The DBox is a DVB satellite and cable digital television integrated receiver decoder (set-top box). They were distributed widely for use with Pay television channels.
D-BOX Technologies is a Canadian company, which designs, manufactures, and markets motion systems intended mainly for the entertainment and industrial simulation markets in 4D.
DBO may refer to:
Dhanalakshmi Bank Officers Organisation (DBOO), founded in the year 1986, is one of the prominent trade union organisation in Dhanlaxmi Bank, Kerala.
D-Boys (stylized as "D-BOYS") is a young male actors group affiliated with Watanabe Entertainment. The D in the group's name stands for "Drama" (acting work), "Dream", "Debut", "Discovery" and "Development" (growth and advancement).
Dennes Dale "D." Boon (April 1, 1958 – December 22, 1985) was an American singer, songwriter, and guitarist.
D' Boys (pronounced as The Boys) were a former Yugoslav synthpop/pop rock band from Belgrade.
The D-Book is the UK technical specification for Digital terrestrial television (DTT).
D. Boon and Friends is a music CD compiling various jam session and live recordings featuring Minutemen guitarist and frontman D.
The D-Boy Diary: Book 1 is the twenty third studio album by American rapper E-40. It was released on November 18, 2016, by Heavy on the Grind Entertainment.

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