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DCI Banks is a British crime drama series produced by Left Bank Pictures for the ITV network. The series is based on Peter Robinson's Inspector Alan Banks novels and stars Stephen Tompkinson as Detective Chief Inspector Alan Banks.
DCI-P3, or DCI/P3, is a common RGB color space for digital movie projection from the US-American film industry.
DCI Global Partnerships is a community of friends, partners, projects and supporters that began in England, in 1985. DCI Global Partnerships is the name given to the community of people working with these projects, while the legal side is run by UK charity DCI Trust.
DCI Group is an American public relations, lobbying and business consulting firm based in Washington, D.C.
DCI may be an abbreviation for:
DCIM may refer to:
DCI Cheese Company is a United States food industry company specializing in cheese, headquartered in Richfield, Wisconsin (in Mayville, Wisconsin before 2005).
This is a list of characters from the police procedural British television series, The Bill. The fictional characters displayed here are ordered alphabetically by character surname.
This is a list of characters from the police drama The Bill ordered alphabetically by character surname.

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