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DCV Balder is a Deepwater Construction Vessel (DCV) operated by Heerema Marine Contractors.
DCVG stands for Direct Current Voltage Gradient and is a survey technique used for assessing the effectiveness of corrosion protection on buried steel structures.
DCV Aegir is a Deep Water Construction Vessel owned by Heerema Marine Contractors and was Christended during a festive ceremony in September 2013.
Dr Pepper is a carbonated soft drink marketed as having a unique flavor. The drink was created in the 1880s by Charles Alderton in Waco, Texas and first served around 1885. Dr Pepper was first nationally marketed in the United States in 1904, and is now also sold in Europe, Asia, Canada, Mexico, Australia, and South America, as well as New Zealand and South Africa as an imported good.
The Dreamcast (Japanese: ドリームキャスト, Hepburn: Dorīmukyasuto) is a home video game console released by Sega on November 27, 1998 in Japan, September 9, 1999 in North America, and October 14, 1999 in Europe.
The Royal Victorian Order (French: Ordre royal de Victoria) is a dynastic order of knighthood established in 1896 by Queen Victoria.
In internal combustion engines, variable valve timing (VVT) is the process of altering the timing of a valve lift event, and is often used to improve performance, fuel economy or emissions.
The DC Universe (DCU) is the fictional shared universe where the stories in most American comic book titles published by DC Comics take place.
Deepsea Challenger (DCV 1) is a 7.3-metre (24 ft) deep-diving submersible designed to reach the bottom of Challenger Deep, the deepest-known point on Earth.
Disney Character Voices International Inc. is a corporate division of The Walt Disney Company with primary responsibility for the provision of translation and dubbing services for all Disney productions including those by Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures, Disney Music Group, and Disney Media Distribution.

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