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dDub is a band from New Zealand. Their style is rock-roots, reggae, soul-ska, and dub. They have played numerous outdoor festivals in New Zealand, including Splore, Queenstown Winter Festival, Soundsplash and Rhythm & Vines.[4]

dDub has released one tour EP, two studio albums, and several singles, including "The Closer You Get, The Bigger I Look," a track written specifically for a project to raise awareness and understanding of dyslexia, released to celebrate Dyslexia Action Week 2009.[5] Their songs have appeared on compilation albums in New Zealand as well. They are currently working on a third studio album, recently releasing the new single, "We Are The Ones" in December 2009.[6]

The lead vocalist Derek Browne died on 23 April 2019 after a six-month battle with prostate cancer.[citation needed] Prior to the diagnosis he had been able to climb trees for his work as an arborist. By the time he visited the doctor, he had fully developed stage 4 of the tumor. He was given the choice to undergo chemotherapy or to simply wait until his passing.

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