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The meaning of «dez»

Dez may refer to:
Desmond Demond "Dez" Bryant (born November 4, 1988) is an American football wide receiver for the Dallas Cowboys of the National Football League (NFL).
Dezso d'Antalffy (born Dezső Antalffy-Zsiross; 24 July 1885 – 29 April 1945), was a Hungarian organist and composer.
Derek "Dez" Skinn (born 4 February 1951) is a British comic and magazine editor, and author of a number of books on comics.
Dez Cadena (born Dez Paul Cadena; June 2, 1961) is an American punk rock singer and guitarist. He was the third vocalist and later rhythm guitarist for hardcore punk band Black Flag from 1980 to 1983. Cadena played guitar with the Misfits from 2001 to 2015, initially joining the band alongside Doyle, Jerry Only and Robo for their 25th Anniversary Tour and has served as the band's longest tenured guitarist.
Dezhou (Chinese: 德州; pinyin: Dézhōu) is a prefecture-level city in northwestern Shandong province, People's Republic of China.
Dezerter, founded as SS-20 in May 1981 in Warsaw, is one of the most popular punk bands from Poland. The band was founded by three students of Warsaw's vocational high school (technikum) - Robert "Robal" Matera (guitar), Krzysztof Grabowski (drums), and Dariusz "Stepa" Stepnowski (bass).
Dezocine (INN, USAN) (brand name Dalgan) is a marketed opioid analgesic of the benzomorphan group. First synthesized in 1970, it acts at mu-, delta-, and kappa-opioid receptors.
Dezful (Persian: دزفول‎‎, pronounced [dɛzˈfuːl], in local dialect Persian: دسفیل‎‎, also Romanized as Dezfūl and Dezfool; also known as Dīzfūl) is a city in and the capital of Dezful County, Khuzestan Province, Iran.
Dezmine "Dez" Wells (born April 15, 1992) is an American professional basketball player for the Oklahoma City Blue of the NBA Development League.

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