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DGN (design) is the name used for CAD file formats supported by Bentley Systems' MicroStation and Intergraph's Interactive Graphics Design System (IGDS) CAD programs.
The Boss (대국남아, often referred to as DGNA or, incorrectly, D-NA) is a South Korean boy band with five members, formed under Open World Entertainment in 2010. In South Korea they are known as Dae Guk Nam Ah, literally meaning The Boys of Super Space, which is how their English name of 'The Boss' was formed.
Downers Grove North High School, or DGN, and locally referred to as "Downers North" or "North", is a public four-year high school located near the corner of Main Street and Ogden Avenue in Downers Grove, Illinois, a western suburb of Chicago, in the United States.
De gustibus non est disputandum, or de gustibus non disputandum est, is a Latin maxim meaning "In matters of taste, there can be no disputes" (literally "about tastes, it should not be disputed/discussed").
The Dallas, Garland and Northeastern Railroad (reporting mark DGNO) is a railroad headquartered in Richardson, Texas.
The Data General Nova is a series of 16-bit minicomputers released by the American company Data General.
Director General (DG) is the head of the Indian National Security Guard (NSG), the federal contingency deployment force that was created to deal with terrorism in India.
Douglas Geoffrey Northcott, FRS (31 December 1916, London – 8 April 2005) was a British mathematician who worked on ideal theory.
The Directorate-General for Neighbourhood and Enlargement Negotiations is a Directorate-General of the European Commission.

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