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Dgroups is a partnership of international development organisations working together towards a common vision: A world where every person is able to contribute to dialogue and decision-making for international development and social justice.
The abbreviation DGR can stand for:
Dumfries and Galloway Royal Infirmary is the main hospital in Dumfries. The hospital serves both the town of Dumfries and the entire catchment area of South West Scotland, with a population of at least 147,000. The hospital is run by NHS Dumfries and Galloway (also known as Dumfries & Galloway Health Board).
Xanabad (Armenian: Խանաբադ Khanabad or Ջրվեր - Jrver) (also called Dgrver) is a village in the Khojali Rayon of Azerbaijan.
Ciraquz (Armenian: Ջրակուս Jrakus, Dgrakous and Jrakuys) is a village in the Khojavend Rayon of Azerbaijan and Hadrut Province of the Nagorno-Karabakh Republic.
The D-Grid Initiative (German Grid Initiative) was a government project to fund computer infrastructure for education and research (e-Science) in Germany.

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