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Demir-Halk Bank (known also as DHB Bank) is a Dutch commercial bank headquartered in Rotterdam. Its niche market is the Turkish emigrant population in northern Europe and is jointly owned by a Turkish bank and HCBG Holding BV.
The DHB-Pokal (English: German Handball Federation Cup) is an elimination handball tournament held annually.
DHB or dhb may refer to:
Dakshin Haryana Bijli Vitran Nigam, also known as DHBVN Limited is an Indian state owned electric utility company.
The heterojunction bipolar transistor (HBT) is a type of bipolar junction transistor (BJT) which uses differing semiconductor materials for the emitter and base regions, creating a heterojunction.
The Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Loerrach (DHBW-Loerrach) was founded in 1981 as Berufsakademie Lörrach.
DHBP may refer to:
Ravensburg University of Cooperative Education is a public university with campuses in Ravensburg, Stuttgart and Friedrichshafen, Germany.

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