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DHL Express is a division of the German logistics company Deutsche Post DHL providing international courier, parcel and express mail services.
DHL Supply Chain is a division of Deutsche Post DHL and is affiliated with DHL Express. Headquartered in Bonn, Deutsche Post has 510,000 employees.
DHL Aviation is a division of DHL Express (owned by Deutsche Post DHL) responsible for providing air transport capacity.
SNAS/DHL, incorporated as DHL International Aviation ME, is a cargo airline based in Bahrain. It is wholly owned by Deutsche Post DHL and operates the group's DHL Express-branded parcel and express services in the Middle East, including Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.
The DHL Fastest Lap Award is awarded to the driver with the most fastest laps in a Formula One season.
DHL Air UK, incorporated as DHL Air Ltd., is a cargo airline based in Orbital Park, Hounslow, London Borough of Hounslow.
The DHL Balloon, located in Singapore, was the world's second largest tethered helium balloon. It was closed and dismantled in October 2008.
DHL Global Forwarding, formerly known as DHL Danzas Air & Ocean, is a division of Deutsche Post DHL providing air and ocean freight forwarding services.
The DHL Fastest Pit Stop Award is an annual award in Formula One for the constructor which completed the fastest pit stop within a Grand Prix the most amount of times in a season.

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