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DJ's GNU Programming Platform (DJGPP) is a software development suite for Intel 80386-level and above, IBM PC compatibles which supports DOS operating systems.
DJGCC (DJ's GNU Compiler Collection ) is a C development suite for x86 PCs that runs under DOS or compatibles.
DJG may refer to:
James D'Agostino (born July 8, 1975), professionally known as DJ Green Lantern, is an American hip hop disc Jockey (DJ) and music producer from Rochester, New York.
Douglas James "D. J." Grothe (born June 25, 1973) is an American writer and public speaker who talks about issues at the nexus of science, critical thinking, secularism, religion and the paranormal.
DJ Greatest Hits is the first compilation album of Filipino actor and singer Daniel Padilla under Star Records, released on December 19, 2016 in the Philippines.
DJ Graffiti, is a Michigan based DJ, Producer and manager. He is also the founder of Overflow, a digital marketing company.
DJ Garth is a pioneering House music DJ and recording artist who is largely credited with both defining and capturing the sound of San Francisco House music in the 1990s.

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