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DJNO Records is a New Orleans recording label that primarily produces albums and DVDs for bandleader and clarinetist Doreen Ketchens and her band Doreen's Jazz New Orleans.
DJ Nabs is an American DJ and record producer. He has been part of the Atlanta hip hop scene since the late 1980s and worked with hip hop artists such as Kris Kross, Da Brat, Bow Wow, Xscape, Speech, and Trick Daddy, hosted several radio shows, and toured with Mariah Carey, Ciara and Michael Jackson.
Devonte Jerrell "D. J." Newbill (born May 22, 1992) is an American professional basketball player who plays for Telenet Oostende of the Belgian League (BLB).
Nelson Díaz Martinez (born on April 7, 1972 in San Juan, Puerto Rico), known artistically as DJ Nelson is a DJ/producer who played a significant role in the development and popularization of reggaeton.
Kim Sæther (born 1975 at Lille Skensved, near Køge), better known as DJ Noize is a Copenhagen-based Danish hip-hop-DJ.

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