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The name of this monastery translated as the "Monastery of the Cross". For the Georgian monastery in Jerusalem with the same name, see Monastery of the Cross.
DJV may refer to
DJ Vadim is a prolific DJ and producer, born in Leningrad, USSR (now Saint Petersburg, Russia), raised in London .Whose music combines hip hop, soul, reggae and electronica.
Eric Aguirre also known as DJ Vice (born 13 October 1978) is an American DJ from Los Angeles, CA. Vice recently signed with Creative Artists Agency.
Vladimir Lyubovny (Russian: Владимир Любовный; born June 28, 1973), better known as DJ Vlad, is a disc-jockey and executive vice president at Loud.com, part of the SRC/Universal family.
DJ Vibe (real name António "Tó" Pereira) is a house music DJ.
DJ Vix, born and raised in the east of London is a British-Asian DJ/music producer known for his bhangra tracks, as well as his remixes.
This is a list of DJ Magazine's annual rankings of disc jockeys and musicians. The list begins from the year 1997, which was the first year public voters were allowed to participate.
Far East Movement (abbreviated FM) is an American hip hop and electronic music group based in Los Angeles.

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