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Donkey Kong Land is a platform video game for the Game Boy developed by Rare and published by Nintendo.
Donkey Kong Land 2, known in Japan as Donkey Kong Land (ドンキーコングランド, Donkī Kongu Rando), is a Game Boy game released in 1996. It is the sequel to the 1995 Game Boy hit, Donkey Kong Land and was developed by Rare and published by Nintendo.
KLMN was a television station in Great Falls, Montana, broadcasting locally on channel 26 as an affiliate of Fox.
Dennis Keith Lillee, AM, MBE (born 18 July 1949 in Subiaco, Western Australia) is a former Australian cricketer rated as the "outstanding fast bowler of his generation".
DK Leather Corporation Berhad is a Malaysian corporation established in 1997 as a leather manufacturer, it is an OEM automotive leather upholstery manufacturer.
DK Lacertae (Nova Lacertae 1950) was a nova, which lit up in the constellation Lacerta in 1950. DK Lacertae reached magnitude 5.0.
Dr. Čeněk Klika was a Czech Scouting official who served as the first chairman of Junák, the organization which, in 1914, was formed in the Czechoslovakian part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire which was designated as independent Czechoslovakia at the end of World War I.
Dallas (/ˈdæləs/) is a major city in the U.S. state of Texas. It is the most populous city in the Dallas–Fort Worth metroplex, the fourth most populous metropolitan area in the United States.
Delhi (/ˈdɛli/, Hindustani pronunciation: [d̪ɪlliː] Dilli), officially the National Capital Territory of Delhi or NCT, is a city and a union territory of India.

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