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A diesel multiple unit or DMU is a multiple-unit train powered by on-board diesel engines. A DMU requires no separate locomotive, as the engines are incorporated into one or more of the carriages.
DMU may refer to:
Dmusy [ˈdmusɨ] (German: Dimussen) is a village in the administrative district of Gmina Biała Piska, within Pisz County, Warmian-Masurian Voivodeship, in northern Poland.
DirectMusic is a deprecated component of the Microsoft DirectX API that allows music and sound effects to be composed and played and provides flexible interactive control over the way they are played.
The Doctor of Music degree (D.Mus., D.M., Mus.D. or occasionally Mus.Doc.) is a higher doctorate awarded on the basis of a substantial portfolio of compositions and/or scholarly publications on music.
D♭ (D-flat) is a musical note lying a diatonic semitone above C and a chromatic semitone below D. It is thus enharmonic to C♯.
D♯ (D-sharp) or Re Dièse is the fourth semitone of the solfege. It lies a chromatic semitone above D and a diatonic semitone below E, thus being enharmonic to Mi Bémol or E♭ (E flat).
A+D Museum, also known as Architecture and Design Museum, Los Angeles, is a museum for architecture and design in Los Angeles, California.
D is a musical note a whole tone above C, and is known as Re within the fixed-Do solfege system. An enharmonic note is C, which is a diatonic semitone below D♯.
Daryl Michael Murphy (born 15 March 1983) is an Irish professional footballer who plays as a striker for Championship club Nottingham Forest and the Republic of Ireland national team.

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