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Unfortunately, no information on dnk was found in our database.

Perhaps the following words will be interesting for you:

zenith - the highest point of something
x-axis - the horizontal axis in a plane coordinate system
uncanny - surpassing the ordinary or normal
rambunctious - noisy and lacking in restraint or discipline
quixotic - not sensible about practical matters
pique - call forth, as an emotion, feeling, or response
oxymoron - conjoined contradictory terms
optimistically - with optimism; in an optimistic manner
narrative - an account that tells the particulars of an act or event
melancholy - a constitutional tendency to be gloomy and depressed
ken - range of what one can know or understand
karma - effects of one's actions that determine his or her destiny
integrity - an undivided or unbroken completeness with nothing wanting
gallivant - wander aimlessly in search of pleasure
fortitude - strength of mind that enables one to endure adversity
dubious - fraught with uncertainty or doubt
disposition - your usual mood
bypass - avoid something
ambiguous - having more than one possible meaning
alliteration - use of the same consonant at the beginning of each word

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