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Dnevnik (Macedonian: Дневник ) was the first private daily newspaper in Macedonia.
Dnevni Avaz (Bosnian pronunciation: [dnêːʋniː ǎʋaːz]; English: Daily Voice) is a daily newspaper in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Dnevnik (Bulgarian: Дневник) is a business-oriented Bulgarian daily newspaper, that is published Monday - Friday in Sofia since 2001. Until early 2005, it was printed in broadsheet format, the last Bulgarian daily to use the large format.
Dnevni telegraf was a Serbian daily middle-market tabloid published in Belgrade between 1996 and November 1998, and then also in Podgorica until March 1999.
Dnevnik (English: The Daily) is a daily newspaper published in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Dnevne Novine (English translation: Daily Newspaper) is a Montenegrin daily newspaper.
Dnevnik MRT is the main news program of the MRT, broadcast daily at 19:30.
Dnevnik jedne ljubavi (Diary of a Love) is the debut album by Croatian singer Josipa Lisac, released by Jugoton in 1973.
Dnevnik starog momka (trans. Diary of an Old Bachelor) is the eleventh studio album released by Serbian and former Yugoslav singer-songwriter Đorđe Balašević.

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