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The Deutsche Post AG, operating under the trade name Deutsche Post DHL Group, is a German postal service and international courier service company, the world's largest.
"Don't Phunk with My Heart" (censored as "Don't Mess with My Heart") is a song recorded by American recording group The Black Eyed Peas, taken from the fourth studio album Monkey Business (2005).
The Dubai Ports World controversy began in February 2006 and rose to prominence as a national security debate in the United States.
DPW may refer to:
The Philippines’ Department of Public Works and Highways (Filipino: Kagawaran ng Pagawaing Bayan at Lansangan), abbreviated as DPWH, is the executive department of the Philippine government solely vested with the Mandate to “be the State's engineering and construction arm” and, as such, it is “tasked to carry out the policy” of the State to “maintain an engineering and construction arm and continuously develop its technology, for the purposes of ensuring the safety of all infrastructure facilities and securing for all public works and highways the highest efficiency and the most appropriate quality in construction” and shall be responsible for “(t)he planning, design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure facilities, especially national highways, flood control and water resources development systems, and other public works in accordance with national development objectives,” provided that, the exercise of which “shall be decentralized to the fullest extent feasible.”
The Devices Profile for Web Services (DPWS) defines a minimal set of implementation constraints to enable secure Web Service messaging, discovery, description, and eventing on resource-constrained devices.
DP World (Arabic: موانئ دبي العالمية‎‎) operates multiple related businesses – from marine and inland terminals, maritime services, logistics and ancillary services to technology-driven trade solutions.
The DP World Tour Championship, Dubai is a golf tournament on the European Tour and is the climax of the European Tour Race to Dubai.
Daniel Pickering Walker (1914–1985) was an English historian and author of several noted studies on the occult in Western history.
David Phillip Woodruff FRS is a British physicist, professor at University of Warwick, and member of the Surface, Interface & Thin Films group.

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