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The Deutsche Reichsbahn's Class 52 was a German steam locomotive built in large numbers during the Second World War.
DRB-HICOM (MYX: 1619) Berhad is one of Malaysia's leading corporations, involved in the automotive manufacturing, assembly and distribution industry through its involvement in the passenger car and four wheel drive vehicle market segment, the national truck project and the national motorcycle project.
DRB-HICOM Football Club is a professional Malaysian football club, which currently plays in the Malaysia Premier League, the second tier of the country’s steadily emerging football league.
The DRB Class 50 is a German class of 2-10-0 locomotive, built from 1939 as a standard locomotive (Einheitsdampflokomotive) for hauling goods trains.
The German Class 41 steam locomotives were standard goods train engines (Einheitslokomotiven) operated by the Deutsche Reichsbahn (DRB) and built from 1937–1941.
DRB La (previously known as "Marit") is a Nigerian musical group. It was formed in 2007 by Teniola Zaccheaus, Tobenna Ofili, and Ladi Lanre.
The DRB Class 42 was a type of steam locomotive produced for the Deutsche Reichsbahn. It is one of the three main classes of the so-called war locomotives (Kriegslokomotiven), the other two being class 50 and 52.
The German Class 03.10 (Baureihe 03.10 or BR 03.10) engines were standard steam locomotives (Einheitsdampflokomotiven) belonging to the Deutsche Reichsbahn and designed for hauling express trains.
The locomotives of DRB Class 01.10 were standard locomotives (Einheitsdampflokomotiven) used for express train services by the Deutsche Reichsbahn.
Difaa Riadhi Baladiat Tadjenanet, more commonly known as DRB Tadjenanet, is a football club based in Tadjenanet, Algeria, .

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