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DSB, an abbreviation of Danske Statsbaner (Danish State Railways), is the largest Danish train operating company, and the largest in Scandinavia.
DSB Bank (DSB: Dirk Scheringa Beheer) was a Dutch bank and insurer that failed in 2009. The company was founded in 1975 by Dirk Scheringa, the sole shareholder.
DsbC (Disulfide bond C) is a prokaryotic disulfide bond isomerase. The formation of native disulfide bonds play an important role in the proper folding of proteins and stabilize tertiary structures of the protein.
DsbA is a bacterial thiol disulfide oxidoreductase (TDOR). DsbA is a key component of the Dsb (disulfide bond) family of enzymes.
DSBFirst was a railway company that operated rail franchises in Denmark and Sweden. It was a joint venture between Danish state railway operator DSB and British transport group FirstGroup.
DSB International School also known as Deutsche Schule Bombay, is an international school located in the city of Mumbai, India.
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