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DSK may refer to:
DSK Shivajians Football Club, founded as Shivajians Sports Club is an Indian football club based in Pune, Maharashtra.
Daniel McElmurray, better known by his stage name DSKO, is an American DJ and Electronic Music Producer from Los Angeles, CA.He is most notable for his 2015 single "Deja Vu" Co-Written and Co-Produced with Cheat Codes (DJs) member Trevor Dahl.
DSK Group is a business conglomerate headquartered in Pune, India having its presence in domains including Real Estate, Automobile, Technology, Sports, Information Technology, Education among others.
The BJ-1 Dyna Mite, or California Sailplanes Duster was a sailplane designed by Ben Jansson in the United States in the 1960s for homebuilding.
DSK Bank (Bulgarian: Банка ДСК, Banka DSK; formerly Държавна спестовна каса, Darzhavna spestovna kasa — State Savings Bank) is a major Bulgarian bank.
The DSK Airmotive DSK-1 Hawk was an unusual homebuilt aircraft designed in the United States in the early 1970s.
The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) was a digital computer produced for the Apollo program that was installed on board each Apollo Command Module (CM) and Lunar Module (LM).

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