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In enzymology, a dTMP kinase (EC is an enzyme that catalyzes the chemical reaction
DTM may refer to:
Diploma in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene (DTM&H) is a postgraduate award, given after a prescribed period of instruction followed by an examination consisting of three parts; (a) a written examination (b) a practical laboratory examination and (c) an oral examination.
In probability theory and related fields, a Markov process (or Markoff process), named after the Russian mathematician Andrey Markov, is a stochastic process that satisfies the Markov property (sometimes characterized as "memorylessness").
Savage Love is a syndicated sex-advice column by Dan Savage. The column appears weekly in several dozen newspapers, mainly free newspapers in the US and Canada, but also newspapers in Europe and Asia.
The Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters (DTM, German Touring Car Masters) is a touring car series using a silhouette racing car based in Germany, but also with rounds elsewhere in Europe.
The Degtyaryov machine gun (Russian: Пулемёт Дегтярёвa Пехотный Pulemyot Degtyaryova Pekhotny "Degtyaryov's infantry machine gun") or DP is a light machine gun firing the 7.62×54mmR cartridge that was used primarily by the Soviet Union starting in 1928. The DP machine gun was supplemented in the 1950s by the more modern RPD machine gun and entirely replaced in Soviet service by the general purpose PK machine gun in the 1960s.
Dual-tone multi-frequency signaling (DTMF) is an in-band telecommunication signaling system using the voice-frequency band over telephone lines between telephone equipment and other communications devices and switching centers.
The 2012 Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters season was the thirteenth season of Deutsche Tourenwagen Masters since the series' resumption in 2000. New regulations applied from the 2012 season (see below).
DTMB (Digital Terrestrial Multimedia Broadcast) is the TV standard for mobile and fixed terminals used in the People's Republic of China, Cuba, Hong Kong, and Macau.

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