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DTrace is a comprehensive dynamic tracing framework created by Sun Microsystems for troubleshooting kernel and application problems on production systems in real time.
DTRules is an Open Sourced Rules Engine written entirely in Java. DTRules executes Decision tables directly, and utilizes a Domain-specific language for expressing the conditions and actions within the Decision Tables.
DTR may refer to:
Dominic Sandoval (born October 15, 1985) better known as D-Trix is an American dancer and YouTube personality.
The DRTE Computer was a transistorized computer built at the Defence Research Telecommunications Establishment (DRTE), part of the Canadian Defence Research Board.
A desktop replacement computer (DTR) is a personal computer that provides the full capabilities of a desktop computer while remaining mobile.
Dirt Track Racing 2 (DTR2) is a video game by the now defunct Ratbag Games. It is the third and final game in the dirt track racing series by Ratbag, which includes Dirt Track Racing (DTR), Dirt Track Racing Sprint Cars (DTRSC), and Dirt Track Racing 2 (DTR2).

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