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The Dujiangyan (Chinese: 都江堰; pinyin: Dūjiāngyàn) is an ancient irrigation system in Dujiangyan City, Sichuan, China.
Duje Čop (born 1 February 1990) is a Croatian professional footballer who plays as a forward for Standard Liège.
DuJuan LaTroy Harris (born September 3, 1988) is an American football running back who is currently a free agent.
Dujon Henriques Sterling (born 24 October 1999) is an English footballer who plays as a defender for Chelsea.
Duje Dukan (born 4 December 1991) is a Croatian-American professional basketball player for the Windy City Bulls of the NBA G League.
Dujiangyan (Chinese: 都江堰; pinyin: Dūjiāngyàn) is a county-level city, a subdivision of Chengdu, the capital of Sichuan Province, People's Republic of China.
Duje Draganja (pronounced [ˈdujɛ ˈdraɡaɲa]; born 27 February 1983) is a retired Croatian swimmer who won the silver medal in men's 50 metres freestyle race at the 2004 Summer Olympics in Athens, Greece.
DuJour is a print and digital luxury lifestyle publishing brand that focuses on art, beauty, real estate business, fashion, design, entertainment, and travel .Its chief publication is DuJour Magazine, which caters to the most affluent.
Dujeous is a live hip-hop band based in New York City. Dujeous songs are a diverse mix of topics, but they often talk about life in New York City ("City Limits," New York Views"), post-millennial paranoia ("Sometimes,""It's..."), and sometimes, just having a good time ("Good Green," "Drowsy").

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