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The Serbian Movement Dveri (Serbian: Српски покрет Двери / Srpski pokret Dveri, meaning 'doors') is a right-wing political movement in Serbia.
Dvergsøya is an island in Kristiansand municipality in Vest-Agder county, Norway. The 0.27-square-kilometre (67-acre) island lies in the archipelago in the Kristiansandsfjorden to the southeast of the city of Kristiansand.
Dvesha (Sanskrit, also dveṣa; Pali: dosa; Tibetan: zhe sdang) - is a Buddhist term that is translated as "hate, aversion".
Dve Mogili Municipality (Bulgarian: Две могили) is a municipality (obshtina) in Ruse Province, Central-North Bulgaria, located in the Danubian Plain, about 15 km southeast of Danube river.
Dverberg is a small village and a former municipality in Nordland county, Norway. The former municipality was located on the island of Andøya in the present-day municipality of Andøy.
Dve Viski (Russian: Две виски) is a rural locality (a selo) in Pokhodsky Rural Okrug of Nizhnekolymsky District in the Sakha Republic, Russia, located 105 kilometers (65 mi) from Chersky, the administrative center of the district and 60 kilometers (37 mi) from Pokhodsk.
Latvian mythology is set of paganic beliefs of Latvian people reconstructed from written evidence and folklore materials.
Dverberg Church (Norwegian: Dverberg kirke) is a parish church in the municipality of Andøy in Nordland county, Norway.
Dve Mogili (Bulgarian: Две могили, pronounced [ˈdvɛ muˈɡili]) is a town in northeastern Bulgaria, part of Ruse Province.
This article is a list of characters from the 2002 anime series Kiddy Grade.

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