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The Dvorak Simplified Keyboard ( ( listen) d(ə)-VOR-ak) is a keyboard layout patented during 1936 by Dr.
The Dvorak technique (developed between 1969 and 1984 by Vernon Dvorak) is a widely used system to estimate tropical cyclone intensity (which includes tropical depression, tropical storm, and hurricane/typhoon/intense tropical cyclone intensities) based solely on visible and infrared satellite images.
Dvořák or Dvorak is a common Czech surname, originally referring to a rich landowner with a manor house (Czech dvůr, cognate with Polish dwór).
Dvora Bochman (Hebrew: דבורה בוצ'מן‎‎) (born 1950) is an Israeli artist, painter, sculptor, graphic designer and art educator.
Dvorane (Serbian Cyrillic: Дворане, Albanian: Dvoran) is a village in the Suva Reka municipality in the disputed region of Kosovo.
Dvor pri Polhovem Gradcu (pronounced [ˈdʋɔɾ pɾi ˈpou̯ːxoʋɛm ˈɡɾaːtsu]) is a village east of Polhov Gradec in the Municipality of Dobrova–Polhov Gradec in the Upper Carniola region of Slovenia.
Dvor (Serbian Cyrillic: Двор) is a town and a municipality in the Banovina region in central Croatia. Administratively it belongs to the Sisak-Moslavina County and is located across the Una River from Novi Grad in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
Dvory nad Žitavou (Hungarian: Udvard) is a municipality and village in the Nové Zámky District in the Nitra Region of south-west Slovakia.
Dvorak encoding is a type of encoding based on the differences in layout of a QWERTY keyboard and a Dvorak keyboard.

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