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DVPB-HD (Digital Video Processing Board - High Definition) is a prototyping board based on Texas Instruments DaVinci Technology.
DVP Media is a multimedia software house. Founded as Digital Video Productions in 1993, it was the first multimedia company to apply interactive digital video media to industrial training applications.
DVP may refer to:
Digital Packet Video Link (DPVL) is a video standard released by VESA in 2004. Unlike previous technologies, in order to save bandwidth, only portions of the screen that are modified are sent by the means of this link.
D A V Public School, Tanda is located on the Saury River in the town of Tanda, in Uttar Pradesh province, India.
Dudley Vivian Peyton-Ward CBE ( - 1976) was a Royal Navy officer who served in both the First World War and during and after the Second World War.
The Don Valley Parkway (DVP) is a municipal expressway in the Canadian city of Toronto, Ontario, which connects the Gardiner Expressway in downtown Toronto with Highway 401. North of Highway 401, it continues as Highway 404. The parkway runs through the parklands of the Don River Valley, after which it is named.
D.A.V. Public School is a school in Wadi, Gulbarga, Karnataka, India, affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education.
Douglas Vivian Parson Wright (21 August 1914, Sidcup, Kent – Canterbury, Kent 13 November 1998), better known as Doug Wright, was an English cricketer.

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