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DVWN (Digital Video Worldwide Network) is an independent online video network. Catering largely to a male demographic 18-49, DVWN.com offers an array of professional full-length content including original series, exploitation films, rare concerts, TV shows, and extreme sports.
Deutscher Verlag der Wissenschaften (DVW) was a scientific publishing house in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR/DDR).
DVW may refer to:
David Vernon Widder (25 March 1898 – 8 July 1990) was an American mathematician. He earned his Ph.D. at Harvard University in 1924 under George Birkhoff and went on to join the faculty there.
DVD (an abbreviation of "digital versatile disc" or "digital video disc") is a digital optical disc storage format invented and developed by Philips, Sony, Toshiba, and Panasonic in 1995. The medium can store any kind of digital data and is widely used for software and other computer files as well as video programs watched using DVD players.
The Dvorak Simplified Keyboard (/ˈdvɔːræk, dəˈvɔː-/ d-VOR-ak) is a keyboard layout patented in 1936 by Dr.
DVD (commonly digital video disc) region codes are a digital rights management technique designed to allow film distributors and television companies to control aspects of a release, including content, release date, and price, according to the region.
DVD-Video is a consumer video format used to store digital video on DVD discs, and as of 2003 is the dominant consumer video format in Asia, North America, Europe, and Australia.
DVB-T2 is an abbreviation for "Digital Video Broadcasting – Second Generation Terrestrial"; it is the extension of the television standard DVB-T, issued by the consortium DVB, devised for the broadcast transmission of digital terrestrial television.

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