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DX may refer to:
DX-Ball 2 is a brick buster game for Microsoft Windows, developed by Longbow Games. As a follow up to DX-Ball by Michael P.
DXing is the hobby of receiving and identifying distant radio or television signals, or making two way radio contact with distant stations in amateur radio, citizens' band radio or other two way radio communications.
The DX Century Club, or DXCC, is an amateur radio operating award earned by making contacts with licensed amateur operators in at least 100 "countries" (i.e.
DxOMark is a website providing image quality ratings for standalone cameras, lenses, and mobile devices that include cameras.
A DX-pedition is an expedition to what is considered an exotic place by amateur radio operators, perhaps because of its remoteness, access restrictions or simply because there are very few radio amateurs active from that place.
DxO Labs is a software company based in Boulogne-Billancourt, France, that develops image processing software and maintains a website with technical measurements of lenses and cameras (Sensor Rating Score and Camera & Lenses Rating Score).
DXN is a multilevel marketing company based in Malaysia. DXN was founded in 1993 by Dato' Dr. Lim Siow Jin.
DX-Ball (stylized as DX • BΔLL, sometimes also written as DXBALL) is a freeware computer game for the PC first released in 1996 by Michael P.

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