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EIA-608, also known as "line 21 captions" and "CEA-608", used to be the standard for closed captioning for NTSC TV broadcasts in the United States, Canada and Mexico.
ANSI/EIA-649, "National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management", is an industry standard for Configuration Management.
Eial Strahman (Born 21 June 1989 in Córdoba), is an Argentine footballer who plays for Almagro, as a forward.
EIA RF Connectors are used to connect two items of high power radio frequency rigid or semi-rigid (flexline) coaxial transmission line.
The EIAJ connector type, more formally known as EIAJ RC-5320A, is a type of coaxial power connector or jack for small appliances.
The Eiao monarch (Pomarea fluxa) is an extinct species of bird in the family Monarchidae. The species is sometimes considered to have been conspecific with the Iphis monarch.
In telecommunications, RS-232, Recommended Standard 232 refers to a standard originally introduced in 1960 for serial communication transmission of data.
Eia or EIA may refer to:

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