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Eio or EIO may refer to:
Eion Francis Hamilton Bailey ( EE-on; born June 8, 1976) is an American actor.
Eio Sakata (坂田 栄男, Sakata Eio, February 15, 1920 – October 22, 2010) was a 9-dan Japanese professional Go player.
Eion (Greek: Ἠϊών, Ēiṓn), ancient Chrysopolis, was an ancient Greek Eretrian colony in Thracian Macedonia specifically in the region of Edonis.
Eio Books is an American-based small press publishing house founded in 2004 in the city of Brattleboro, Vermont.
Eionaletherium is an extinct genus of ground sloth from the Late Miocene coasts of Venezuela containing one species: E.
Eion Crossan (born 10 May 1967 in New Zealand) is a New Zealand former rugby footballer player who played rugby union for Southland and Bay of Plenty between 1987 and 1996, and rugby league for the South Sydney Rabbitohs and Cronulla Sharks between 1992 and 1995. Eion is possibly best known for his uncanny likeness to former Broken Hill footballing great known simply as 'The General'
In Greek mythology, Eioneus (Ancient Greek: Ἠιονεύς) is a name attributed to the following individuals:
Eion Alexander Scarrow (9 November 1931 – 25 April 2013) was a New Zealand gardening personality, broadcaster and author.

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