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Eircom Limited, trading as eir, is a fixed, mobile and broadband telecommunications company in Ireland, and a former state-owned monopoly, which is currently incorporated in Jersey.
Eir Aoi (Japanese: 藍井 エイル, Hepburn: Aoi Eiru, born November 30, 1988) is a Japanese singer from Sapporo, Hokkaido, signed to Sacra Music.
Eirik Bakke (born 13 September 1977 in Sogndal) is a Norwegian retired football player. He played on the right-hand side or centre of midfield.
Eirik Holmen Johansen (born 12 July 1992) is a Norwegian footballer who plays as a goalkeeper for SK Brann.
Irene Nikolopoulou, "greek name: Ειρήνη Νικολοπούλου" is a journalist, with one of the longest running presences in the Greek television as an anchorwoman and program host.
Eir Sport 1 (formerly Setanta Ireland) is an Irish pay television sports channel featuring local and international sporting events.
Eirik Verås Larsen (born 26 March 1976 in Flekkefjord) is a Norwegian sprint kayaker who has competed internationally since the early 1990s.

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