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Ich (Persian: ايچ‎, also Romanized as Īch; also known as Aiye, Ayeh, Eiy, and Īj) is a village in Chavarzaq Rural District, Chavarzaq District, Tarom County, Zanjan Province, Iran.
Eiyarkai (pronunciation ) (English translation: Nature) is a 2003 Tamil romance film written and directed by S. P.
An energy drink is a type of drink containing sugar and stimulant compounds, usually caffeine, which is marketed as providing mental and physical stimulation (marketed as "energy", but distinct from food energy).
Eiya Hashimoto (橋本 英也, Hashimoto Eiya, born 15 December 1993) is a Japanese road racing cyclist. He won the gold medal at the 2014 Asian Games in the Men's Omnium.
The Legend of Heroes: Akatsuki no Kiseki (英雄伝説 暁の軌跡) is an online role-playing game released in Japan on 31 August 2016. A spin-off of the Trails series of Nihon Falcom's long-running The Legend of Heroes franchise, it was developed by collaboration between series developers, Nihon Falcom, and Taiwanese company UserJoy Technology, and is operated by its subsidiary UserJoy Japan.
The Eiffel Tower ( EYE-fəl; French: tour Eiffel [tuʁ‿ɛfɛl] (listen)) is a wrought-iron lattice tower on the Champ de Mars in Paris, France.
In linear algebra, an eigenvector () or characteristic vector of a linear transformation is a nonzero vector that changes at most by a scalar factor when that linear transformation is applied to it.
Eid al-Fitr ( eed əl FIT-ər; Arabic: عيد الفطر‎ ʻĪd al-Fiṭr, IPA: [ʕiːd al fitˤr]), also called the "Festival of Breaking the Fast", is a religious holiday celebrated by Muslims worldwide that marks the end of Ramadan, the Islamic holy month of fasting (ṣawm).

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