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FUO may refer to:
Not of this World or Fuori Dal Mondo is a 1999 Italian drama film directed by Giuseppe Piccioni. The translation for Fuori Dal Mondo is outside from the world.
Fuorigrotta (Italian: "Outside the grotto") is a western suburb of Naples, southern Italy.
Fuoco E Cenere is an early music ensemble based in Paris and directed by Jay Bernfeld.
This is a list of races, fauna, and flora (as well as creatures without category) featured in various incarnations of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Fuori corso was an Italian sitcom written by Vincenzo Coppola, Ciro Ceruti and Ciro Villano; the latter two of whom starred in the comedy.
Stilelibero (Freestyle) is the eighth studio album by Italian rock singer Eros Ramazzotti, released in 2001 on the BMG label.

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