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Fuvahmulah City (Dhivehi: ފުވައްމުލައް) is an island (atoll) in the Maldives. It is under Maldives administrative divisions of Gnaviyani Atoll or Nyaviyani Atoll.
Fuvahmulah Airport (Dhivehi: ފުވައްމުލަކު އެއަރޕޯޓް, IATA: FVM, ICAO: VRMR) is a domestic airport located on the island of Fuvahmulah (also known as Fuvahmulaku) in Gnaviyani Atoll, Maldives.
Maldivian, also known as Dhivehi or Divehi (ދިވެހި, dhivehi or ދިވެހިބަސް, dhivehi-bas, Dhivehi pronunciation: [d̪iˈʋehi]), is an Indo-Aryan language spoken in the South Asian island country of Maldives; it is the language of Maldivians, an Indo-Aryan ethnic group native to the country.
Fuveau is a commune in the Bouches-du-Rhône department in southern France.
Popești (Hungarian: Papfalva, Slovak: Popešť) is a commune in Bihor County, northwestern Romania with a population of 7,362 people.
"FCC Song" is a deliberately controversial and explicit song by British-born Monty Python comic Eric Idle.
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