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The FWD Model B was an American built four-wheel drive truck produced by the Four Wheel Drive Auto Company that saw widespread service with American and British forces during the First World War.
FWD may refer to:
The Four Wheel Drive Auto Company, more often known as Four Wheel Drive (FWD), was a pioneering American company that developed and produced all-wheel drive vehicles.
Frederik Willem de Klerk (, Afrikaans: [ˈfrɪədərək ˈvələm də ˈklɛrk]; born 18 March 1936) is a South African politician who served as State President of South Africa from 1989 to 1994 and as Deputy President from 1994 to 1996. As South Africa's last head of state from the era of white-minority rule, he and his government dismantled the apartheid system and introduced universal suffrage.
F. W. "Chip" Dobbs-Allsopp is a biblical scholar, epigrapher, and literary theorist. Currently professor of Old Testament, or Hebrew Bible, at Princeton Theological Seminary, he has taught and written extensively on Semitic languages, the origins of alphabetic writing, biblical poetry, poetics, and literary criticism.
Frederick Wilcox Dupee (AKA Fred Dupee and F. W. Dupee) (June 25, 1904 – January 19, 1979) was a distinguished American literary critic, essayist for Partisan Review and The New York Review of Books, and professor of English at Columbia University.
The FW de Klerk Foundation is a nonpartisan organization that was established in 2000 by the former South African state president, Frederik Willem de Klerk.
The F. W. "Dinty" Moore Trophy is awarded annually by the Ontario Hockey League to the first-year goaltender with the best goals against average during the regular season,that played a minimum of 1320 minutes in goal.

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